A Passion for Teaching and Sharing

At this point in my career I am eager to share what I’ve learned.  And what I’ve learned in recent years is much about integrating Web 2.0 into secondary school teaching.  I have tried a variety of applications and networked with some great minds through Apple Distinguished Educators, the English Companion and Twitter.  

My interest in educational technology is not new.  I was in a fledgling ed tech doctoral program at Michigan in the ‘80s, but I gave it up for family and basketball coaching.  It was the path not taken.  But I have found my way back down the path and it’s a joyful run.  

I’d be happy to visit your group, large or small, and share my enthusiasm.  I am flexible, and don’t preach a creed.  I also discuss the challenges and drawbacks of tech.  When I present, your staff will know I too have been down in the trenches trying real lessons with real students.  I’m more about methods and problem solving than theory and scolding.

Terms are reasonable and negotiable.  CLICK HERE for more information.