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Larry's Apple ADE Summer Institute Report

Mr. Larry Baker
Rick has asked me to report on the ADE Summer Institute.  The first words that come to mind are “first class”, “stimulating”, “challenging”, “renewing”, “empowering”.  It was an incomparable professional development and networking opportunity, and within a week I was asked by Apple to make November presentations a state association of charter schools.  I am delighted to do so because Apple is genuinely committed to 21st Century Education.

I learned that Apple 1:1 schools receive fabulous support, and based on my conversations with several ADE tech coordinators, they have far fewer headaches than their PC counterparts.  Apple applications are simple to use.  An educator can get up to speed quickly with iWorks or iLife and be producing professional looking multi-media files within hours or even minutes.  Some people think that Apple products are pricey.  But how pricey is “free”?  ITunes U and iPod Touch apps offer tremendous resources for teachers at no cost at all.  Both are becoming staples of my curriculum (and lifestyle). 

Now that I’ve returned from the Institute,  I’ve plunged into a variety of projects and sometimes find myself daydreaming about returning to the next one in 2011.

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